Vitamin A–Are you Deficient?

Did you know that Vitamin A is important for a healthy immune system, healthy skin, eyes, and mucous membranes?  Some possible signs of deficiency include immune problems, infections, frequent colds or flu, skin problems (dryness, pigmentation, dandruff), brittle hair and nails, roughness on elbows, chronic sinus problems, eye problems (poor night vision, impaired vision, eyelids glued shut in the morning, inability to distinguish the colors blue and yellow), lung weakness, loss of smell and taste, swollen lymph nodes, and ear infections.

Foods high in vitamin A include those with yellow and orange pigments like sweet potatoes, carrots, and apricots.  Other sources are cod liver oil, butter (unsalted, organic is best), egg yolks, sunflower seeds (raw, unsalted), and raw green leafy vegetables.  Some herbs high in vitamin A are spirulina, gotu kola, barley grass, yellow dock, uva ursi, peppermint, parsley, and alfalfaAlfalfa may be a good herbal multi-vitamin source.  It’s also important to note that individuals with diabetes mellitus or hyperthyroidism do not store vitamin A.  Also, if there is insufficient friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, it may be difficult to utilize vitamin A.  I recommend a good probiotic or eating fermented foods like plain, unsweetened yogurt with the words “Live, active cultures” listed on the label.  Sweetened yogurt is counterproductive, as sugar feeds the candida, which compromises the friendly bacteria.

Bottom line:  eat lots of vitamin A–rich foods and consider taking herbal supplements or teas that contain this nutrient, as well as a good probiotic.   Buy supplements from a company that believes in manufacturing the highest quality and tests every batch for purity and active ingredients.  I recommend

Keep learning to be healthy,                                                                                         Lisa Hernandez, Certified Natural Health Practitioner



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