Two more B-complex family members–inositol and choline–are you deficient?

Inositol nourishes the brain, helps the body use vitamin E, helps the heart muscle, and benefits the lens of the eye.  Some possible deficiency signs might include unhealthy skin, hair loss, and eye problems.

Foods and herbs high in this nutrient include:  cantaloupe, corn, fruits, nuts, whole grains, yogurt, wheat germ, dried beans and peas, alfalfa, capsicum, catnip, hops, eyebright, kelp, red clover, and papaya.

Choline aids gallbladder function, controls the distribution of fats in the body, and helps the liver eliminate toxins.  Some possible deficiency signs might include hardening of the arteries, liver problems, memory loss, and undiagnosed blood in the urine.  Drinking a lot of coffee can deplete choline.

Foods and herbs high in choline:  raw green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, whole grains, fish, fruits, wheat germ, alfalfa, capsicum, catnip, hops, kelp, red clover, papaya, and lecithin.

Some recommended Nature’s Sunshine products:  Ultimate Green Zone (whole food nutrition–blend of grains, greens, and herbs–including alfalfa, lecithin, carrot root, beet root, papaya), Beet Root Capsules, Capsicum, Catnip, Hops, Kelp, Red Clover, Eyebright, B-Complex or Alfalfa (high in B vitamins).  You can read more about these products at

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Nervous disorders, gray hair, anemia, skin rashes, intense fatigue? Could you be deficient in PABA?

PABA (PARA-AMINO-BENZOIC ACID) is part of the B-Complex family.  It helps in the production of skin pigment, so its deficiency could lead to vitiligo (loss of skin pigment).  PABA is also found in sunscreens because it helps promote tanning and prevent burning.  It also helps to regulate the functioning of glands and assists with the production of folic acid in the intestines.  It is known as the “healthy skin and hair” vitamin.  Other deficiency symptoms may include depression, chronic headaches, constipation, hair loss, and an excessive amount of age or liver spots on the skin.

Some foods and herbs high in this nutrient:  whole grains, wheat germ and bran, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, yogurt, eggs, nuts, fish, fruit, alfalfa, capsicum, catnip, hops, kelp, red clover, papaya, lecithin, and organic peanuts.

Recommended Nature’s Sunshine Products:  Vitamin B-Complex Capsules (all B vitamins are needed in balance), Alfalfa Capsules (blood purifer, blood thinner, mineralizer), Capsicum Liquid or Capsules (circulatory system, internal and external bleeding), Catnip Capsules (nervous and digestive systems), Hops Capsules (central nervous system depressant, insomnia), Red Clover Capsules (blood purifer, liver detoxifier, skin problems, estrogenic, alkalizer, mineralizer), Lecithin Capsules (good for cholesterol problems, memory and brain function, gall bladder and liver). 

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This blog is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease or to take the place of any medical care that you may need.


Are you getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet?

Many vegetarians worry about not getting enough of this important vitamin because it’s found in dairy and animal products, but it is also found in wheat germ.   So, if you are eating refined white flour products, the wheat germ is missing.  Vitamin B12 works with iron and calcium in the body and aids the central nervous system.  Consumption of alcohol can destroy and decrease the absorption of this vitamin.  Refined sugar also decreases B12 in the body.

Some possible signs of deficiency:  anemia, loss of appetite, pain in facial muscles, pain and numbness in arm and shoulder, nerve problems, loss of concentration, low energy (feeling dead), difficulties with muscular coordination, Bells Palsy, dyslexia (in this case, try taking B12 before reading), dark circles under eyes, swollen and/or inflamed tongue, chronic constipation, paranoia and/or psychotic behavior, memory loss, pale complexion, bone spurs, bursitis, burning tongue, loss of balance and/or staggering, bursitis, shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing.

Another consideration is that B12 can be made in the body from healthy intestinal bacteria.  When this is lacking due to excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol, drinking chlorinated water, taking medications, birth control pills, and antibiotics, it is important to increase your healthy bacteria (lactobacillus) by eating fermented foods and/or taking a good probiotic.

Foods and herbs high in vitamin B12:  eggs, wheat germ, raw unpasteurized milk, salmon, chicken, cheese, spirulina, alfalfa, capsicum, catnip, kelp, hops, and red clover.

Supplement recommendations from Nature’s Sunshine:  Liquid Vitamin B12 Complete (liquid form is better absorbed, and this formula contains B6, B2, and B1), along with Vitamin B-Complex, Balanced, which contains folic acid, important for the absorption of B12.  Spirulina is rich in many nutrients, including all the essential amino acids, making it a good choice for blood sugar problems.  Kelp is also rich in iodine to help support the thyroid gland.  Alfalfa is a wonderful herb for allergies, capsicum is great for circulation and increasing metabolism, catnip and hops are calming, and red clover helps to cleanse the blood, making it great for skin conditions.  Probiotic Eleven is a great probiotic for increasing friendly bacteria in the colon.  This is a good product for traveling to help prevent diarrhea, and it may be useful for all inflammatory bowel disorders and yeast/fungal infections. 

This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to take the place of any medical care that you may need.

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Are you getting enough folic acid in your diet?

Folic acid is also vitamin B9.  Deficiency signs might include anemia, fatigue, skin pallor, general weakness, and intestinal parasites.  Since it helps with growth and repair, it is especially needed by pregnant women and those suffering with injuries or illness.

Some foods and herbs high in folic acid are eggs, avocados, fruits, sprouted grains, raw green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, alfalfa, kelp, capsicum, catnip, hops, papaya, and red clover.

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Alfalfa–rich source of many vitamins and minerals; blood thinner and purifer

Capsicum (spice from the pepper plant)–improves circulation and helps stop bleeding

Catnip–used to calm the stomach and nerves

Hops–central nervous system depressant, nervine, estrogenic, sedative, insomnia

Kelp–rich source of iodine and other trace minerals; frequently used to aid low thyroid function; rich source of sodium and potassium for maintaining fluid balance in the body; contains algin that absorbs heavy metals

Papaya Mint Chewables–acid indigestion (heartburn, acid reflux), belching; papain in papaya dissolves outer cuticle of intestinal worms; peppermint oil stimulates production of hydrochloric acid (commonly deficient as we age), which digests proteins and destroys pathogens before they can enter the digestive tract

Red Clover–blood purifer often used to clear up skin conditions; estrogenic; contains vitamin E; has been used as natural cancer therapy; alkalizer and mineralizer

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This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, and does not take the place of any medical care that you may need.


As many as 60% of Americans may be deficient in vitamin B6. Are you?

Vitamin B6 is known as the “Fluid Regulator”.  It helps to keep the nerves young, utilize fats and carbohydrates, digest proteins, produce hormones, form blood, encourage proper function of oil glands, improve tolerance to noise,  and it influences the color, growth, and texture of hair.  B6 must be present at conception to prevent spina bifida in the baby, as it is required for the synthesis of RNA and DNA.  It has also been found effective in protecting people with sun-sensitivity and in helping to alleviate air, sea, and motion sickness.

B6 is rapidly depleted by stress, many drugs (including aspirin, high blood pressure medications, cortisone, laxatives, birth control pills, Dilantin, diuretics, and antibiotics), fluorescent light (produce in the supermarket is under this light).  Also, much of it is lost due to food processing–white flour, white rice, canned juice, fruits, and vegetables, and preserved meats, and destroyed when boiling vegetables.

Possible deficiency signs:  arteriosclerosis, fainting easily, morning and/or motion sickness, tremors, inflammation of the lips, epileptic-type convulsions in children, skin diseases, dizziness (vertigo), carpal tunnel syndrome, inability to digest protein, lack of dream recall, enlarged facial pores, oily hair, fluid retention, mood swings, mental disorders, kidney stones, abnormally high cholesterol, dryness and/or scaling behind ears, nighttime leg cramps, weight gain during or prior to menstrual period, burning feet.

Foods and herbs high in this nutrient:  brown rice, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, cod fish, wheat bran and germ, seeds, beets, nuts, cabbage, raw green leafy vegetables, alfalfa, capsicum (hot peppers), catnip, kelp, red clover, papaya, almonds, bananas, Brazil nuts, nutritional yeast, organic peanuts, fresh organic non-GMO sweet corn, halibut, hazelnuts, dried parsley, pecans, salmon, mackerel, organic non-GMO soybean flour, sunflower seeds, tuna, walnuts, whey.

Recommended Nature’s Sunshine Products:  Vitamin B-Complex Capsules (also contain wheat germ), Vitamin B-6 Tablets (in addition to B-Complex, especially when taking anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, or estrogen), Nutri-Burn Vanilla or Chocolate Whey Powder (good  for weight loss as meal replacement), Alfalfa Capsules (good vitamin/mineral and for allergies), Capsicum Capsules or Liquid (circulatory system, metabolism booster), Catnip Capsules (calming to nervous and digestive systems), Kelp Capsules (vitamin/mineral, especially rich in iodine for the thyroid), Red Clover Capsules (blood cleanser good for skin and hormone problems).

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This blog is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, and does not take the place of any medical care that you may need.