As many as 60% of Americans may be deficient in vitamin B6. Are you?

Vitamin B6 is known as the “Fluid Regulator”.  It helps to keep the nerves young, utilize fats and carbohydrates, digest proteins, produce hormones, form blood, encourage proper function of oil glands, improve tolerance to noise,  and it influences the color, growth, and texture of hair.  B6 must be present at conception to prevent spina bifida in the baby, as it is required for the synthesis of RNA and DNA.  It has also been found effective in protecting people with sun-sensitivity and in helping to alleviate air, sea, and motion sickness.

B6 is rapidly depleted by stress, many drugs (including aspirin, high blood pressure medications, cortisone, laxatives, birth control pills, Dilantin, diuretics, and antibiotics), fluorescent light (produce in the supermarket is under this light).  Also, much of it is lost due to food processing–white flour, white rice, canned juice, fruits, and vegetables, and preserved meats, and destroyed when boiling vegetables.

Possible deficiency signs:  arteriosclerosis, fainting easily, morning and/or motion sickness, tremors, inflammation of the lips, epileptic-type convulsions in children, skin diseases, dizziness (vertigo), carpal tunnel syndrome, inability to digest protein, lack of dream recall, enlarged facial pores, oily hair, fluid retention, mood swings, mental disorders, kidney stones, abnormally high cholesterol, dryness and/or scaling behind ears, nighttime leg cramps, weight gain during or prior to menstrual period, burning feet.

Foods and herbs high in this nutrient:  brown rice, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, cod fish, wheat bran and germ, seeds, beets, nuts, cabbage, raw green leafy vegetables, alfalfa, capsicum (hot peppers), catnip, kelp, red clover, papaya, almonds, bananas, Brazil nuts, nutritional yeast, organic peanuts, fresh organic non-GMO sweet corn, halibut, hazelnuts, dried parsley, pecans, salmon, mackerel, organic non-GMO soybean flour, sunflower seeds, tuna, walnuts, whey.

Recommended Nature’s Sunshine Products:  Vitamin B-Complex Capsules (also contain wheat germ), Vitamin B-6 Tablets (in addition to B-Complex, especially when taking anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, or estrogen), Nutri-Burn Vanilla or Chocolate Whey Powder (good  for weight loss as meal replacement), Alfalfa Capsules (good vitamin/mineral and for allergies), Capsicum Capsules or Liquid (circulatory system, metabolism booster), Catnip Capsules (calming to nervous and digestive systems), Kelp Capsules (vitamin/mineral, especially rich in iodine for the thyroid), Red Clover Capsules (blood cleanser good for skin and hormone problems).

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Keep learning to be healthy!

Lisa Hernandez, Certified Natural Health Practitioner

This blog is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, and does not take the place of any medical care that you may need.


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