Nervous disorders, gray hair, anemia, skin rashes, intense fatigue? Could you be deficient in PABA?

PABA (PARA-AMINO-BENZOIC ACID) is part of the B-Complex family.  It helps in the production of skin pigment, so its deficiency could lead to vitiligo (loss of skin pigment).  PABA is also found in sunscreens because it helps promote tanning and prevent burning.  It also helps to regulate the functioning of glands and assists with the production of folic acid in the intestines.  It is known as the “healthy skin and hair” vitamin.  Other deficiency symptoms may include depression, chronic headaches, constipation, hair loss, and an excessive amount of age or liver spots on the skin.

Some foods and herbs high in this nutrient:  whole grains, wheat germ and bran, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, yogurt, eggs, nuts, fish, fruit, alfalfa, capsicum, catnip, hops, kelp, red clover, papaya, lecithin, and organic peanuts.

Recommended Nature’s Sunshine Products:  Vitamin B-Complex Capsules (all B vitamins are needed in balance), Alfalfa Capsules (blood purifer, blood thinner, mineralizer), Capsicum Liquid or Capsules (circulatory system, internal and external bleeding), Catnip Capsules (nervous and digestive systems), Hops Capsules (central nervous system depressant, insomnia), Red Clover Capsules (blood purifer, liver detoxifier, skin problems, estrogenic, alkalizer, mineralizer), Lecithin Capsules (good for cholesterol problems, memory and brain function, gall bladder and liver). 

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Keep learning to be healthy! 

Lisa Hernandez, Certified Natural Health Practitioner

This blog is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease or to take the place of any medical care that you may need.



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